Pull Tab Thermal Printer Paper

Wanting to ride the revolution of the digital pull tab markets?

Maybe you are one of the following: a game designer, kiosk manufacturer, fundraising manager, statewide advocacy organization, or anyone else tasked with navigating the ever-evolving regulations. If so there is a powerful duo that you need to know about. It may even be the answer to your needs. A patented thermal paper is available for purchase that works with specialized robust thermal printers to provide digital pull tabs.

Commonly called e-pull tabs this technology partnership has brought new opportunities to market segments like charitable gaming across many places worldwide.

With options like these operators are able to replace the traditional paper pull tab games or enter newly created markets. A long time staple of many establishments, paper pull tabs come with pre-printed values. New screen based games with an exciting modern feel are able to leverage the combination of thermal printers and highly engineering paper to print on demand, while still maintaining that exciting peel-to-reveal experience for the end-user.

In particular, the thermal printer can be selected to work with a wide range of host machines or games, possibly even retrofit options. Both USB and legacy DB-9 are available to connect the printer to the host machine, as well as software offerings to interface the host systems (embedded devices or high-level Windows or Linux operating systems) and printer. This ensures the tickets printed can have everything from gorgeous logos, QR-code weblinks, to nice bold text.

The unique thermal paper is manufactured to enter the printer as a single piece. That means it acts as any other thermal paper you would feed into your thermal printer. The top piece, a silver metallic layer, allows the printer hardware to print through it to the white paper below. Both the top and bottom are pre-printed with unique images to aid in security. This keeps the printed media under the metallic sheet hidden to the user until the top metallic sheet is peeled away. A very elegant concept and execution that allows your customers to experience the peel-to-reveal experience.

The next time you need to utilize e-pulls or any other time of pull tab system, look into thermal paper with foil. It creates a custom user experience each and every time with minimal effort. Pyramid Technology Inc. can also help in guiding you through the process. Just give us a call, we’re here to help.