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How do I update the firmware for my bill acceptor?
How do I clean my bill acceptor?
How do I use the configuration card to change the configuration of my bill acceptor?
How do I troubleshoot my bill acceptor?
How do I install my bill acceptor?
How do I use a PTI handheld programmer?
How do I return a product for service?
See RMA Procedure for the Return Materials Authorization.
How do I use the Acceptor Tools software?
What if PTI doesn’t support my country’s currencies?
Please contact us for options and in some instances the customer can supply the currency for development. Learn more about currency requirements.
What if I have a PTI acceptor and a new bill is released?
Please contact us for the status of an update and in some instances we may need the customer to supply the currency for the update. Learn more about currency requirements.
How do I pair my Sentry Security Module to my Phoenix Printer?
How do I set change the baud rate on my Reliance Thermal Printer?
To configure the baud rate, please download and install Reliance Tools from here:
  1. Launch Reliance Tools
  2. Attach Reliance to PC using USB cable
  3. Click Serial Config
  4. Select your configuration
  5. Click Apply
  6. Done
REL set baud rate





Using Configuration Cards