Affordable Quality

Reliable. Proven. Trustworthy. Customer’s recognize the performance advantage of Pyramid Technology’s line of bill acceptors. Our units are designed with functionality in mind. Each machine is sturdy, tamper resistant and tested to provide consistent, hassle-free performance.

Global Experience

Everywhere.  An amusement operator in Bangladesh, a vending machine entrepreneur in the United Arab Emirates and a laundromat owner in Uganda all count on Pyramid Technologies, Inc. for localized sales and service.  With a presence in 97 countries, Pyramid Technologies, Inc. has the experience our amusement, gaming, vending and retail customers need to effectively run their businesses.

Superior Service

Open for business. When a bill acceptor is down, your business is closed. That’s why Pyramid Technologies prides itself on personalized one-on-one service. Our staff of highly trained engineers and technicians provides real-time service to make our customers are up and running with minimal inconvenience. Reduced down time immediately improves financial performance and is another reason customers insist on Pyramid Technologies, Inc.

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Nearly 100 transactions a second (all day, every day) are processed around the world with Pyramid Technologies, Inc.’s (PTI) bill acceptors. This remarkable fact is directly linked to our engineering roots. We are obsessed with functionality. Innovation without reliability is failure. At PTI, we are dedicated to building consistent, high quality units that are easily adapted to meet all your currency validation needs. Designed and manufactured in the United States, PTI subjects each bill acceptor to a battery of configuration tests prior to shipping so customers can rely on hassle-free performance. Plus, with dual-stage optical anti-stringing technology incorporated into each unit, businesses can rest easy knowing they are capturing maximum revenue per unit. Call us. Email us. Ask us questions. Test our units. You’ll discover why business owners around the world trust Pyramid Technologies to capture, validate and accept cash payments.

Apex Series


The Apex Series is the industry standard for  bill acceptors. Cost efficient, reliable and extraordinarily versatile, the Apex line is the perfect solution for vending, amusement, gaming and retail applications.
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Spectra Series


Utilizing the power of ultra-bright LED’s, the Spectra captures your customer’s attention from the moment they enter the room. The multi-colored, bright LED’s give operators the ability to customize the look of the bezel to match their machine color, a specific holiday or any other event. Spectra gives you the flexibility to show the world your true colors.
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Trilogy Series


Customers with non- traditional footprint requirements or wide bills select the Trilogy Series. This durable, cost conscious solution blends the features and benefits demanded by a global marketplace into a single, wonderfully productive unit.
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Phoenix Printer


The Phoenix Printer is the premier solution for your printing needs.Designed for Gaming, Kiosk, Amusements or anywhere you need a printer, the Phoenix is the new industry standard.
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