Spectra Series

It takes 7 seconds to make a good first impression. The Spectra does it in 1.

Utilizing the power of ultra-bright LEDs, the Spectra captures your customer's attention from the moment they enter the room. The multi-colored, bright LEDs give operators the ability to customize the look of the bezel to match their machine color, a specific holiday, or any other event. Spectra gives you the flexibility to show the world your true colors.

The NEW Spectra Bill Acceptor.

Bringing customizable, high-visibility to life!

Product Highlights

Customizable LED patterns and colors with Bezel Tools

Simple DIP switch and PC configuration

Dual-stage optical anti-stringing

Easy to update

High security against counterfeits

Simple on-board diagnostics

Accepts bills up to 72mm wide

Automatic self-calibration

Spectra Brochure

Spectra Operations Manual