OCTOBER Preventative Maintenance SALE!!

50% off on all labor charges for equipment sent in for preventative

maintenance and servicing for the month of October!!

What is the total cost of unreliability due to the lack of preventative maintenance?

Unreliable equipment can often be the source for considerable additional running cost

and lost revenue, regardless of current market conditions. This is why it is important to

understand it, in order to make sure that you’re not letting those dollars become a

possible expense throughout the year. The total cost of unreliability can be made up of

several different elements, here are a few:

1. Lost Profit : This is a result from your equipment not being in service due to a

simple preventative issue. Essentially, this is the difference between your lost

revenue and the cost of a maintenance call.

2. Additional Operating Costs : This can include the costs of adding additional

personnel, or pay technicians overtime to bring your equipment back up and

running again, or the opportunity l ost to reduce operation costs associated with

man hours and any additional replacements if your equipment were operating


3. Additional Repair Costs : This is associated with the higher level of

breakdowns. A perfect example of this would be changing your brake pads on

your vehicle. What normally would cost $150.00 for replacement of those wear

and tear items can end up costing you double or triple due to a failure that

ultimately damages other components within the system. All preventable.

What is the benefit to regular preventative maintenance?

Essentially any cost that would have been lost to the lack or preventative maintenance

will be saved! Fully functional and properly maintained equipment, depending on your

market conditions, could ultimately lead to an increase in your profits .

1. Gain In Profit : This essentially would be your gain in revenue sales while

lowering your variable cost for any maintenance calls.

2. Lowering Your Operating Costs : Reducing your costs gained by the reduction

to any non essential personnel or any previously needed replacement


3. Eliminating Future Repair Costs : Again any and all maintenance performed

can help to prevent a substantial failure from occurring that can lead to the cost

of additional replacement parts or services not previously needed that could have

been prevented.