The new 10 Euro is coming

Will my Pyramid Acceptor validate the new Euro 10 when the bill enters circulation on September 23, 2014? Yes! You will need to have the latest firmware. For the Trilogy Acceptors the firmware revision 1.48. and higher. For the Apex 7000 Acceptors that is all firmware revision 1.03 and higher.

What do I need to update an acceptors? It is recommended that you have a flash download cable to plug into the PC as well as the acceptor tools program. We also have a PRO2 which is an easy alternative for programming bill acceptors on location.

What if I need help? The new firmwares are available for download from the website or by email and our world class PTI Tech Support is here to assist if needed. (M-F 7am – 3:30pm -7 GSM)

All new orders are shipping with our latest firmware and already have support for new Euro 10.

We have found over the years and through the currencies of the world that it makes the most sense to also update the data set after the currency has been in circulation for short while. This gives us the highest acceptance rate possible. So check back 1 month after the release of the note for possible updates.